5 Ways We Teach Our Children To Love God’s Word

Five Ways we Teach Our Children To Love God's Word

Teaching your children to love God’s work is vitally important, but it’s not so clear cut like teaching them their ABC’s. How to keep a healthy balance between what God’s work says, not guilting them into obedience, and getting ahold of their hearts for the Lord is something I’m always working on.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not writing this post to tell you of the amazing children we have who always want to do what is right, who love reading God’s word and wants to read it above any other book. We have normal children, who choose to do right at times, and choose to do wrong other times. I’m a normal mom who keeps her cool during some difficult moments, and loses it during others. Even as I write this, I’m trying to stay calm as I’m dealing with little girls who will not stay in bed!

We are not some perfect family who has it altogether, even though it might be easy to read our blog and think we do! I know I’ve been guilty of reading other blogs and putting them up on a pedestal. Then I meet them and realize they are just an ordinary mom like I am!

With that being said, I will share with you 5 ways we teach our children to love God’s word.

We Read To Them

Whether it is reading scripture to them, reading Bible Story books, reading good books that focus on godly character traits, missionary stories, or testimony books our church has published, we try to keep God’s word coming to them this way. When we are in our normal school routine I try very hard to always start our day by reading scripture. I have not done a good job of doing this during our summer break, and I feel really bad about it!

We Listen To Audio Scripture and Stories

I can’t do it all. That has been become my motto these past two years while my husband was in college. I can’t read to them all day long, and have them by my side 24/7. But I can give them resources to help aid them in their walk with the Lord. They love listening to stories on CD’s, and we make sure these always point back to good character qualities, or are actual scripture passages on CD’s.

Character Concepts has some good audio resources, including complete books of the Bible read out loud with Uncle Rick doing some explaining along the way. My children also like the stories from Christian Light Publications, and listen to testimonies from our church that have been put on CD’s.

Teaching God's Word To Our Children is vital!

We Listen To Scripture Songs

We are very careful with what music we allow in our home. Our children are learning through what they watch and what they listen to. CD’s of hymns, and children’s songs of scriptures are what we commonly play.

We Watch Bible and Good Character Training DVD’s

We don’t have TV reception in our home, but we do love different DVD’s! Some of my favorite Bible DVD’s are Bible Adventures, ABC Say It With Me Bible Memory Verses, and a new DVD we just found, Scripture Talk! I’m excited to work through Scripture Talk with my children, as I remember memorizing Bible verses from Psalms using hand motions as a child. This DVD teaches 79 verses of the Bible using hand motions to help your children remember them!

[embedded content]

In our family we tend to stay away from most animated DVD’s. Sean and I both grew up watching Disney (I was actually much older when I saw most of the Disney movies that I’ve seen)! In our family Disney is pretty much off limits, for many different reasons. My husband is especially particular of them not watching animated Bible videos, as he feels quite a few of them almost make a mockery of the Bible stories through how silly they are. For those reasons our children do not watch the popular Veggie Tales, or What’s In The Bible DVD’s. I know this isn’t a popular choice, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me! We both have watched snippets of both of those DVD’s and just don’t feel it’s wisdom for our children to watch them. We are trying to encourage soberness in our children when they are naturally bent towards childish behavior. Allowing Veggie Tales does not encourage soberness when it comes to our children.

We Have Scriptures Up Around The House

The house we are living in currently is not decorated very well, but I do try to have scripture prints up and around the house. A favorite place of mine to get them is Hobby Lobby. It’s just another easy way to have God’s word easily available for them to read it through the day.

These are just some of the ways we try to get God’s word in our children’s hearts! I’d love to hear other ideas from other mothers!

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