A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party!

A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party! | themodestmomblog.com

We normally just do family birthday parties with our children, or invite a family that we are friends with to join us at our family party. I thought it would be fun to have an actual party for my oldest daughter who turned six recently, and invite her friends over! We are not into Disney movies, but I loved the idea of a princess party. If you have ever shopped around for princess items that are not Disney related, you know that it is very difficult!

I was happy when I found this amazing princess decor on Zulily. It was a splurge, but I used some credit I had to get it. The brand is Meri Meri, and the exact same princess decor is actually on Zulily right now for a very limited time! You can also find the Meri Meri princess items on Amazon here. It is much cheaper on Zulily right now, so I’d grab them there!

Princess Cupcake Stand! | themodestmomblog.comI made cupcakes and put the beautiful princesses on top. The castle is so sweet; my girls enjoyed playing with it before the cupcakes went on it!

Sisters waiting for friends to arrive! The girls were waiting at the door for their friends to arrive! Carrianna is wearing her Abigail Adams play dress.

Reading Princess Books I read to the girls some princess books about what a true Princess for God is like.

Here are some of my favorite Princess books

The Princess and the Kiss

The princess and the Kiss

The True Princess

The True Princess

My Girls really liked these:

Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten

Princess Joy’s Birthday Blessings

I kept everything simple and we did an activity making butterflies.

Making butterflies They ate snacks at the princess table.

princess table

I gave all the girls little gifts (flexi clips, paint with water books, and some other things from the dollar store).

opening gifts together Then the girls ran off and played together while the moms visited!

It was a fun day, and I thought you all might enjoy seeing the pictures. :)

You can find modest, quality play dresses at Little Deborah

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